About Us

We’re the Wasabi Brothers, Saki and Steve. We love sushi, Asian culture, and of course gambling! That’s why we’ve chosen to put this site together and bring you, our faithful readers, the best of online gambling with a touch of Oriental flair!

We started reviewing casinos back in the early 2000s, and while we’ve had quite a bit of success both as gamblers and as sushi connoseurs, we never managed to bring these two worlds together until now. We know that people are looking for some pretty specific things when looking for an online casino, and we decided to combine that with our love for sushi and all things Asian. So we scoured the web to come up with the most reliable, safe, entertaining casinos with the best service and the most epic bonuses around the web and collect them here for you.

So what’s the deal with the sushi addiction? Well, it all started in the summer of 1999 when Steve first went to Japan for a year to teach English. He tried sushi for the first time and ate so much he ended up in the hospital with Nigiri parasites, which he maintains was totally worth it. When Sam came to visit him over the summer, he got his nickname Saki given to him by Steve’s Japanese neighbour who’d never seen someone consume that much saki and still be standing.

Now Steve and Saki travel the world as professional gamblers, reviewing sushi bars and online casinos as they go.