Casino UK’s Rainbow Rushes

CasinoUKHow hard do we love Casino UK? Let us count the ways! Casino UK would be the gambling equivalent of a rainbow roll platter with extra strawberries:

exciting, delicious, unexpected and one taste is simply not enough to get that yumminess all up in here!

Casino UK Online Casino

The first thing we loved about Casino UK was the site’s look: navy blue and crisp red joining in the union jack and a rugged outline of the site’s look. It’s almost as delicious as the weird combination of fresh raw salmon, soft creamy avocado and sexy strawberry in a rainbow of gastronomical delights. And what’s the wasabi, ginger and soy sauce in this little extended metaphor? Well the soy sauce is probably the service (sau-vice?) that really brings out the best in every other aspect of the brand. Yup, from your sign up bonus to every step of withdrawing your winnings, the support people we came across were friendly, helpful and well-informed. Not only that, but they were available twenty-four hours a day! That’s pretty damn impressive for a little operation like this. Whether it was four in the morning or on Christmas day,  Casino UK was there for us when we needed them.

The pickled ginger in this little metaphor was definitely the loyalty benefits and ongoing bonuses offered to returning players, which just gives everything a sharp and yummy flavour. On top of that, there’s the wasabi to all of this yumminess: the fantastic games! Bringing the whole experience together like wasabi adds the final flavour to a sushi experience, the games at Casino UK were simply top notch, whether on desktop or mobile.

We give them five California rolls for awesomeness!