Golden Riviera

Golden-RivieraGolden Riviera’s Nigiri Selection

Golden Riviera online casino is a lot like a nigiri selection at the poshest sushi place you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s rich, delicious, exclusive, and once you’ve got one of those creamy rich slices of salmon in your mouth, you pretty much know you’ve made it.

So whether or not you think there’s any point in gambling without the half-naked showgirls and flashing neon signs, Golden Riviera is out to treat you like a class act even if you walk into it with torn jeans and flip flops. We always felt like VIPs and there’s no better feeling than being treated like royalty by people who don’t expect anything in return, except for you to have a good time.

Golden Riviera Casino

Like the nigiri selection, Golden Riviera is for the gambling connoisseur¬† who’s done with the flash and dazzle of more manic names in the gambling industry and wants to get down to real quality. And that’s what you’ll find at Golden Riviera: quality as beautifully crafted as the expertly sliced spread with the most beautifully green ball of wasabi, bright pink pickled ginger, and a bowl of dark salty goodness to dip it all into in the form of soy sauce. There’s something so satisfying about eating nigiri, the purest form of sushi, with not so much as a grain of rice standing between you and the symphony of flavours in the fish. That’s what Golden Riviera feels like: simply quality, no fluff and no filler, just pure rich and extravagant deliciousness.

We give Golden Riviera five salmon nigiri pieces for being a work of art. Plus they’re also available in mobile format now!