Ladbrokes Dumb Chicken Platter Thing

Ladbrokes is something like the chicken platter at the sushi restaraunt – it’s for the timid who aren’t afraid to seem like newbies in the face of discomfort.

Of course, sushi’s not everyone’s game, but come on – the chicken platter? You know whoever’s making that isn’t a classically trained sushi chef. Sushi was developed on the shores of Japan where fresh seafood is the sustenance of the masses. This ain’t KFC, so quit playin’.

Anyway, Ladbrokes is a lot like that – it’s so accessible, so easy, so junk-foody that it’s almost not a casino at all. It’s Casino Lite. From the bright red design to the simple little buttons telling you what to do, it’s taking all the stress and strain of having a brain (and a distinguished pallate) away and leaving nothing but pure passive entertainment in its wake. If that’s your thing, go for it, but believe me when I say: grilled chicken sushi with a teriyaki dip is not that great, and the only people who buy it are the ones afraid of the real thing.

Don’t be afraid! Casinos are not so intimidating that you can’t find your way around with a few glances at Wikipedia and a few searches regarding that brands’ reputation. The whole wide internet is available to you, and you don’t need a big brand like Ladbrokes to take you by the hand and point to where you should put your money. Try some real sushi, damn it! Live a little!


We give Ladbrokes two chicken fashion sandwiches, and we’re betting they won’t even want to eat them.