William Hill

William Hill’s Vegetarian Platter

William Hill’s betting experience is a little bit like a veggie sushi platter:

it’s satisfying, predictable and perhaps an old favourite stand-by option when there’s nothing exciting on the menu… but it’s just not that special.

Whether it’s their sports betting that’s a bit like a veggie handroll or their slightly avo-maki like bonuses, nothing really stands out but everything’s just as nice as you expect it to be. The avocado’s not brown and the carrot julliene’s not limp. But to be honest, there’s just no meaty salmon or flavorful prawn to bring the whole thing together and make it a memorable experience. Maybe William Hill’s just gotten comfy in its strong role as a recognised name in the international gambling circuit, and maybe it’s just the classic British boiled-chicken blandness coming through, but nothing about it screams EDGY to us, you know? Like maybe this is where your parents would play.

Sure their games are pretty cool and they’ve got a mobile app for the tech savvy gamblers out there, but it’s all just as neutral and unexhilerating as their calm blue logo suggests. If you’re looking for a safe bet, this veggie platter’s for you, but let’s be honest, there are no thrills to be found at William Hill. Just the same old same old that everybody knows and expects.

So we give William Hill three avo maki pieces for being yummy, but neither gourmet nor junk-food enough to be interesting or different. Go nuts if you will.